Friday, February 20, 2009

Artist Offerings Needed for Australian Bushfire Relief

A State on Fire
a message from Felting Forum member, judelicious.

Each summer February looms before Victorians as 'bushfire season'. But of course life goes on as usual, it has to. This year however, life has not gone on as normal. A firestorm of more than 30 fires across Victoria has marked Feb 2009 as a black period of Australia's history, racing over hilltops and houses in seconds and devastating whole towns in minutes.

10 days on and i feel incredibly fortunate to be continually receiving good news of the survival of close friends and relatives in affected areas. But the smoke that still hangs over us like a fog ever-reminds me of those who are not able to say this today, of the parents who have lost sons and daughters, the children who have lost their dads, those who have lost partners and life-long friends, animals. livelihood, homes and businesses as fires ripped indiscriminately across our lands.

The issues that are unfolding from this disaster are so vast and complex. I realise it can be difficult to understand when one may be so far removed from it, and to remember these things when they start to disappear from the headlines (especially given thatso many areas around the world are inflicted by natural disasters daily).But it will take months, even years to rebuild these shattered lives and communities, and for Victoria to overcome this incredible attack on our increasingly threatened & ever-precious water supply.

Please do not forget.

Thanks, Jude - that was beautiful! We have many members of our forum who's lives have been somehow affected by this disaster. Kaza, our dear forum member, Kaza, has been working hard in conjunction with the Red Cross to organize an art auction during the height of tourist season in her community in Victoria.

Our collective compassion and creative energy of our talented members is a very powerful thing and I'm asking all forum members to donate at least one felted art item to help make a difference with the recovery; to help rebuild shattered lives.

Please Visit Karen's Blog for the details.

Or Mail your donations to:

Karen Erickson
C/O Artist's Offering Fundraiser
P.O.Box 308
Victoria, Australia 3922

Follow this link for tags to identify your donation(s) - adding a price is optional

Lets sound our voices on our social networks! Spread the word and lets show the world we care!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February Felting Challenge - Seeing Red!

Red is a powerful color - and shades of red are gorgeous! Our members are sure to express themselves with red in many amazing ways!

Title - Swirl Necklace
Dimensions - length (not a circumference) 43, the biggest swirl 8 cm
Techniques & Materials Used - 100% wool yarn, commercially dyed, needlefelted on wool and cotton muslin backing
Date Created - 12/12/08

Title: Martian Love Bug
Dimensions: 6" tall x 3" wide
Techniques & Materials Used: Needlefelted wool around pipe cleaner arms and legs, and flowers with wet felted stems
Date Created: 1/10/09
Artist Name: Morgan (ewes)
My Ewes Your Imagination Etsy Shop
My Flickr Photos
My Shiny New Blog

DIMENSIONS: 8" wide x 6" long x 2" tall
TECHNIQUE: Needle Felted, dyed with Kool-Aid, then shaded
DATE: January 26, 2009
NAME: Chrissy a.k.a. The FeltedChicken
LINKS: Documented in this tutorial on how to dye with Kool-Aid

Title: Hat and booties
Dimensions: Booties are about 4 inches long, and the hat is about seven inches wide, but i didnt really measure them...
I wet felted black Border Leicester wool for the inside two layers, then red Border Leicester for the outside around resists. I did a blanket stich embroydery type around the edges.
Date: January 09

I don't knowif there's a special format that I have to use... But I thought I would post this little guy. He's magnet I made for a friend but he is is no longer among us... A cat got to him

FlorcitaTitle: Cherry Red wooly bag
Techniques & Materials Used: wet felted with a resist. Merino wool and locks
Date Created: end of Jan 2009
My website:
My shops:

Louie Girl

Title: I Give You My Heart - A Grandmother's Love for her Grandchild
Dimensions: 2" x 6"
Techniques & Materials Used: Needle Felt wool
Date Created: 1/13/09

Title: Heart Felt
Size: 5" x 5"
Needle felted
Date Created: 2/2/09

Every Beat of my Heart
... inspired by Gladys Knight and the Pips song
size: bag 14"X9" handle 30"
material: 99+% wool Little bit of pink silk added to flap edge was lost into felting
created: Feb '09

Title Dalahorse
Dimensions 7" x 6" inches (18 x 15 cm)
Techniques & Materials Used Needelfelted of finewool over a wire armature
Date Created Feb 05 2009
Artist Gunilla Rehn Sweden
Please visit my website
My Flickr Photo Gallery

About Dalarna

Title: Wings of Love
Dimensions: 8” x 20”
Techniques & Materials Used: Needle Felted /Core wool / C-1 Batt Created on craft felt and will be framed in a shadow box
Date Created: February 4, 2009

Artists Name: Patti McAleenan
Optional Link: coming soon…

Heart Table Mat
16 by 24
created Oct 2007

Title:....."Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow."
Dimension........15 x 13 inches.
Technique:........Wet felted Merino & silk fibre, Nuno felted onto silk base. Embelished with various beads, gold thread and metal accents.
Date Created: 5.2.09.
Artist: Tess

Title: Hippie Butterfly
Dimensions: 23x30cm
Techniques & Materials Used: wet felted with resist, quilted and embellished with seed beads, mirrors and mothe rof pearl beads.
Date Created: Feb 8th, 2009
My website:
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My blog:

Title: Sea of Love
Dimensions: 7.5 inches by 6 inches
Materials and Techniques: Natural black Jacobs, top combed red Cotswold, blue and green hand dyed yearling and lamb border leicester locks, recycled silk yarn and a little angelina for the bubbles. The whole piece was needle felted.
Date Completed: 2/7/09
Jessica Rusake

Joined: Sat Aug 30, 2008 3:21 pm
Posts: 179 Title: The REd Planet or Martian Landscape
Size: app 6" X 8"
Needle Felted with mostly Merino on a wire hanger
Reached this point with it Feb 8, 2009

Title: I Give You My Heart
Size: 5x7 card
Machine needle felted, wet felted, machine stitched
Mixed Breed wool, Wensleydale locks, angelina, rayon thread
completed 2/8/09

Wool Mushroom 5-6" tallwet feltwool, mettallic tassel, vintage trim chopped up, string, oak and wire
Cytel's Art on Flicker

Val W
Title: Red Cloth
Dimensions: Aprox 6"
Technique and Materials Used: C1, Merino and Misc. core batt - Needle felted
Date Created: Feb 10

Title Chesire cat hanging aboutDimensions 30x30 cmTechniques & Materials Used needle and wet felting, all kinds of wool and some silkDate Created 13-02-09

Title: Lovely Family
Dimensions: from 1" to 2.5" tall
Techniques & Materials Used: Merino Wool and Silk, needle felting
Date Created: January 2009
Artists Name : Edenwool

Pam de Groot
"Heartfelt Headress"
Merino wool, nuno felted OP shop scarf and hand sewn beads
Head sized.
Made on a flat resist
Created Nov 08

Black Widow Spider
4" long (with legs) x 4" wide (with legs) x 4" tall
Needle Felted Wool w/ Glued Wire Legs
February 10, 2009
Chrissy P - aka FeltedChicken

Title Love Lies Bleeding
Dimensions 8 x 5 inches
Techniques & Materials Used Wet felted background with needle felted plant
Date Completed 14th February 2009

Title: Mouse Love
Dimensions: 5x2x2
Techniques & Materials Used: Core Fiber, NZ roving, wire in the tail, beads, & fabric paint
Date Completed: 15th February 2009
Artists Name Amanda Lopez

Title :Three poppies
Dimentions:about 3.5 to 4 inches in diameter(each)
Materials: merino wool roving(mostly merino I should say)
Date: February 16th, 2009
Artist:Daiva Houston

Title 'Literally red'
Dimensions 64x22 cms
Techniques & Materials Used - Finn/Falkland wool prefelt base, Red Angora yarn used to needle felt the lettering. The piece was then all wet felted to completion.
Date Created 10-12. 02. 2009

Needle Felted/Machine Embroidered purses
Red and pink wool roving used (not sure of type, purchased from Try Our Designs)
Black wool fabric that I felted myself for the purses, lined in black fleece fabric. Purse design of my own creation.
Roxanne Schnitzler

Sycamore Moon Studios
Here is red...a quiet red, perhaps, but still red. *grin*

This little red-attired, needle-felted lady is Irene.
Born October 25, 2008, she stands a diminutive 9 1/2" tall
With the exception of her curly locks and the core fiber used as a foundation for her main body, Irene is a Border Leicester wool babe

Title: Irish Red & White Setter
Dimensions: 3 inches high; 5 inches long
Techniques & Materials Used: Needle felted with wool & alpaca; polymer clay eyes & nose
Date Created: February 2009
Artists Name: Marilyn Jensen

Wet Felted Bass of Raw Merino
Needle Felted Background of my blended carded batts
My yarns needle felted on
Measuring 11inch by 9inch

Title: Red Rover
Dimensions: 3.5" x 2"
Techniques & Materials Used: Sculptural needle felting using corriedale roving.
Date Created: 02/26/2009

Here we go. My entry for the february challenge is a scarf made of red merino, mixed with golden baboo fibre and sparkly red angelina. It measures about 7 inches by 68 and is very soft and has a beautiful drape.

Framed dimensions: 68 x 118cm (27 x 46.5")
Felt dimensions: 41 x 90cm (16 x 35.5")
Combined wet and needle felted tapestry in australian merinos and silk
Created Jan - Feb 2009
by Judelicious felts

title: a hug for my neck
dimensions: approx. drop of 24cm and the main bead is about 3cm x 4cm
techniques and materials: rolled, wet felted cane which i sliced and re-felted, merino wool
date: november 2008
name: tracy markey

Title: "Red Rabbit Rage"
Created: February 2009
Dimensions: 10''X8''X7''
Technique: Dry Felting and baked clay for the teeth
Artist Name: Jacqueline Hay

Pit Bull Lady Designs
Title: Sparky II
Description: Blood Red Bay Quarter Horse owned by a Texas artist, Reining bloodlines being trained for Dressage & trail
Dimensions:2" x 2 1/2"
techniques and materials: needle felted sculpture out of merino, corriedale & llama
date: feb 2009
name: Barbara Wright