Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February Felting Challenge - Seeing Red!

Red is a powerful color - and shades of red are gorgeous! Our members are sure to express themselves with red in many amazing ways!

Title - Swirl Necklace
Dimensions - length (not a circumference) 43, the biggest swirl 8 cm
Techniques & Materials Used - 100% wool yarn, commercially dyed, needlefelted on wool and cotton muslin backing
Date Created - 12/12/08

Title: Martian Love Bug
Dimensions: 6" tall x 3" wide
Techniques & Materials Used: Needlefelted wool around pipe cleaner arms and legs, and flowers with wet felted stems
Date Created: 1/10/09
Artist Name: Morgan (ewes)
My Ewes Your Imagination Etsy Shop
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DIMENSIONS: 8" wide x 6" long x 2" tall
TECHNIQUE: Needle Felted, dyed with Kool-Aid, then shaded
DATE: January 26, 2009
NAME: Chrissy a.k.a. The FeltedChicken
LINKS: Documented in this tutorial on how to dye with Kool-Aid
shop: http://www.feltedchicken.etsy.com/
blog: http://feltedchicken.blogspot.com/
email: FeltedChicken@live.com
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cprush13/

Title: Hat and booties
Dimensions: Booties are about 4 inches long, and the hat is about seven inches wide, but i didnt really measure them...
I wet felted black Border Leicester wool for the inside two layers, then red Border Leicester for the outside around resists. I did a blanket stich embroydery type around the edges.
Date: January 09

I don't knowif there's a special format that I have to use... But I thought I would post this little guy. He's magnet I made for a friend but he is is no longer among us... A cat got to him

FlorcitaTitle: Cherry Red wooly bag
Techniques & Materials Used: wet felted with a resist. Merino wool and locks
Date Created: end of Jan 2009
My website: http://www.florcita.eu/
My shops:

Louie Girl

Title: I Give You My Heart - A Grandmother's Love for her Grandchild
Dimensions: 2" x 6"
Techniques & Materials Used: Needle Felt wool
Date Created: 1/13/09

Title: Heart Felt
Size: 5" x 5"
Needle felted
Date Created: 2/2/09

Every Beat of my Heart
... inspired by Gladys Knight and the Pips song
size: bag 14"X9" handle 30"
material: 99+% wool Little bit of pink silk added to flap edge was lost into felting
created: Feb '09

Title Dalahorse
Dimensions 7" x 6" inches (18 x 15 cm)
Techniques & Materials Used Needelfelted of finewool over a wire armature
Date Created Feb 05 2009
Artist Gunilla Rehn Sweden
Please visit my website http://ullochkrull.se.nu/
My Flickr Photo Gallery http://www.flickr.com/photos/feltangel/

About Dalarna http://tinyurl.com/d565xn

Title: Wings of Love
Dimensions: 8” x 20”
Techniques & Materials Used: Needle Felted /Core wool / C-1 Batt Created on craft felt and will be framed in a shadow box
Date Created: February 4, 2009

Artists Name: Patti McAleenan
Optional Link: coming soon… http://www.dreamfelt.com/

Heart Table Mat
16 by 24
created Oct 2007

Title:....."Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow."
Dimension........15 x 13 inches.
Technique:........Wet felted Merino & silk fibre, Nuno felted onto silk base. Embelished with various beads, gold thread and metal accents.
Date Created: 5.2.09.
Artist: Tess

Title: Hippie Butterfly
Dimensions: 23x30cm
Techniques & Materials Used: wet felted with resist, quilted and embellished with seed beads, mirrors and mothe rof pearl beads.
Date Created: Feb 8th, 2009
My website: www.florcita.eu
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Title: Sea of Love
Dimensions: 7.5 inches by 6 inches
Materials and Techniques: Natural black Jacobs, top combed red Cotswold, blue and green hand dyed yearling and lamb border leicester locks, recycled silk yarn and a little angelina for the bubbles. The whole piece was needle felted.
Date Completed: 2/7/09
Jessica Rusake

Joined: Sat Aug 30, 2008 3:21 pm
Posts: 179 Title: The REd Planet or Martian Landscape
Size: app 6" X 8"
Needle Felted with mostly Merino on a wire hanger
Reached this point with it Feb 8, 2009

Title: I Give You My Heart
Size: 5x7 card
Machine needle felted, wet felted, machine stitched
Mixed Breed wool, Wensleydale locks, angelina, rayon thread
completed 2/8/09

Wool Mushroom 5-6" tallwet feltwool, mettallic tassel, vintage trim chopped up, string, oak and wire
Cytel's Art on Flicker

Val W
Title: Red Cloth
Dimensions: Aprox 6"
Technique and Materials Used: C1, Merino and Misc. core batt - Needle felted
Date Created: Feb 10

Title Chesire cat hanging aboutDimensions 30x30 cmTechniques & Materials Used needle and wet felting, all kinds of wool and some silkDate Created 13-02-09

Title: Lovely Family
Dimensions: from 1" to 2.5" tall
Techniques & Materials Used: Merino Wool and Silk, needle felting
Date Created: January 2009
Artists Name : Edenwool

Pam de Groot
"Heartfelt Headress"
Merino wool, nuno felted OP shop scarf and hand sewn beads
Head sized.
Made on a flat resist
Created Nov 08

Black Widow Spider
4" long (with legs) x 4" wide (with legs) x 4" tall
Needle Felted Wool w/ Glued Wire Legs
February 10, 2009
Chrissy P - aka FeltedChicken

Title Love Lies Bleeding
Dimensions 8 x 5 inches
Techniques & Materials Used Wet felted background with needle felted plant
Date Completed 14th February 2009

Title: Mouse Love
Dimensions: 5x2x2
Techniques & Materials Used: Core Fiber, NZ roving, wire in the tail, beads, & fabric paint
Date Completed: 15th February 2009
Artists Name Amanda Lopez

Title :Three poppies
Dimentions:about 3.5 to 4 inches in diameter(each)
Materials: merino wool roving(mostly merino I should say)
Date: February 16th, 2009
Artist:Daiva Houston

Title 'Literally red'
Dimensions 64x22 cms
Techniques & Materials Used - Finn/Falkland wool prefelt base, Red Angora yarn used to needle felt the lettering. The piece was then all wet felted to completion.
Date Created 10-12. 02. 2009

Needle Felted/Machine Embroidered purses
Red and pink wool roving used (not sure of type, purchased from Try Our Designs)
Black wool fabric that I felted myself for the purses, lined in black fleece fabric. Purse design of my own creation.
Roxanne Schnitzler

Sycamore Moon Studios
Here is red...a quiet red, perhaps, but still red. *grin*

This little red-attired, needle-felted lady is Irene.
Born October 25, 2008, she stands a diminutive 9 1/2" tall
With the exception of her curly locks and the core fiber used as a foundation for her main body, Irene is a Border Leicester wool babe

Title: Irish Red & White Setter
Dimensions: 3 inches high; 5 inches long
Techniques & Materials Used: Needle felted with wool & alpaca; polymer clay eyes & nose
Date Created: February 2009
Artists Name: Marilyn Jensen

Wet Felted Bass of Raw Merino
Needle Felted Background of my blended carded batts
My yarns needle felted on
Measuring 11inch by 9inch

Title: Red Rover
Dimensions: 3.5" x 2"
Techniques & Materials Used: Sculptural needle felting using corriedale roving.
Date Created: 02/26/2009

Here we go. My entry for the february challenge is a scarf made of red merino, mixed with golden baboo fibre and sparkly red angelina. It measures about 7 inches by 68 and is very soft and has a beautiful drape.

Framed dimensions: 68 x 118cm (27 x 46.5")
Felt dimensions: 41 x 90cm (16 x 35.5")
Combined wet and needle felted tapestry in australian merinos and silk
Created Jan - Feb 2009
by Judelicious felts

title: a hug for my neck
dimensions: approx. drop of 24cm and the main bead is about 3cm x 4cm
techniques and materials: rolled, wet felted cane which i sliced and re-felted, merino wool
date: november 2008
name: tracy markey

Title: "Red Rabbit Rage"
Created: February 2009
Dimensions: 10''X8''X7''
Technique: Dry Felting and baked clay for the teeth
Artist Name: Jacqueline Hay

Pit Bull Lady Designs
Title: Sparky II
Description: Blood Red Bay Quarter Horse owned by a Texas artist, Reining bloodlines being trained for Dressage & trail
Dimensions:2" x 2 1/2"
techniques and materials: needle felted sculpture out of merino, corriedale & llama
date: feb 2009
name: Barbara Wright

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