Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March Challenge is Going Green

This months challenge is all about Green

Title Scaly dragon wrapDimensions 150 cm x 60 cm
Techniques & Materials Used superfine merino, wetfelted

Date Created 02-03-2009

Title Leaves
Dimensions 20-25 in length 10-15 cms in width
Techniques & Materials Used Finn wool and raw linen fibres needlefelted with preyarn detail. Whole leaf then wet felted for durability.Date Created February 2009

Title: Leprechaun
Size: 5 inches
Materials:pipe cleaner armature, felt body and clothes,polymer clay pipe,hatband,belt,buckles,pot and gold
Date Created: March 2, 2009
Artist: Jean Melton

Title: Bookworm
Dimensions: 5" X 2 1/2"
Techniques & Materials: needle felt, dyed corriedale over wool batt base
Date Created: 2-28-09
Artists name: Amy

Title: Butterfly brocheSize:
4''x4''Material: green merino and one green silk hankie
Done: on march the second
Technique: wet and needle fetling the beads were glued

Title: Green
Dimensions: 7.5x8.5"
Techniques & Materials Used: Merino 23's, top layer was wispy swirls, wet felted
Date Completed: 5th March 09

Here's my 'Olive green Golden~throated Song Bird'
Size: 8" tip of beak to tail
Materials: mixed wool roving, glass bead eye, wire armature
Date: March 2009

Title :LandscapesDimensions: each measures approx 5 x 7 inches.Techniques and materials used: completely Wet felted , with Merino, yarn, silk thread together with my own mixed breed wool and Mohair that I have dyed.Date completed: 6th March 09

Title:The Beauty of Spring
Dimensions: 25" strand, widest point: 2&1/8"
Techniques & Materials: needle felted and wet felted Green Merino roving, regular seed beads, 15/0 seed beads, fossil beads, wooden beads, thread, findings
Finished: 3-11-09

Val W
Title: Exploring GreenDimensions: Nose to Toes 5"Technical and Material: needle felted, thread joined, C1, merino and onyxDate: March 09

Title: Spring Dragonfly
Dimensions: 7 x 12 cm
Techniques & Materials used: Needle felted, Islandic unspun wool for the body, Merino for the wings
Date Created: 3/7/09
Name: North22snow

Title - Pod People
Dimensions - 4.5" x 1.5"
Techniques & Materials Used - Needle felted
Date Created - 11/08
Artists Name - Debra Meister

Ok, here is mine! It's a wall hanging, It's made with merino and tencel.
Title - "Little Forest"
Dimensions - 56cm x 41 cm
Techniques & Materials Used - Needle felted + wet felted
Date Created - 25/01/09
Artists Name - Mariana Ciliberto

Title - Irish Rose
Dimensions - 3" x 10"
Techniques & Materials Used - Needle felted - the stem is over wire
Date Created - 03/09
Artists Name - Debra Meister

Title: Legs
Dimensions: Unsure, about 6" for body
Techniqus & Materials used: needle felted-Corriedale wool, fiberfill and pipe cleaner
Date created- Finished Friday the 13, at about 3 am
Artist name: Gemini Stedl

Title: Spring is in the air!
Dimensions : 165cm x 45 cm = 64.96 inch x 17.72 inch
Techniques & Materials Used : Nunofelting, chiffon silk with merino wool
Date Created: 28th of February 2009
Artists Name : Kim Nijsten

Dimensions : 4 inches plush the tail
Techniques & Materials Used : needle felted domestic 56 wool hand dyed
Date Created: March 2009
Artists Name : Ann McElroy

Dimensions : 30cm X 30cm
Techniques & Materials Used : 16 micron hand dyed merino
Date Created: March 2009
Artists Name : IngerMaaike

Title Lazy Frog
Dimensions : 18cm X 18cm
Techniques & Materials Used : Needle felting/merino
Date Created: November 2008
Artists Name Emma Broughton

This little fella was a bit fiddly as he's only 6cm tall. Its a "Man-Hating Cactus" brooch with plexiglass, green merino wool - wet felted, natural pink freshwater pearl, copper, patina, brass micro-screws and brass eyelets.

Title - Look after your planet - eco dryer balls
Dimensions - unsure, approx 9" circumference each (I don't have them anymore!)
Techniques & Materials Used - Wet felted fibres, mainly merino, needle felted merino detail.
Date Created - Feb/09
Artists Name - Shadow Gilboa-Way

Hello not if I can take part, but it(he,she) does a lot of illusion to me name basket measure 24 x 7, material wool, technology(skill) wetted, created in March of 2009por maryluy

Dimensions: flower 7" - face 2 1/2"
Techniques & Materials Used: Core Wool - C1 Batt - Merino Roving
Artist: Patti McAleenan
Date Created: March 16, 2009

Pit Bull Lady Designs
Lightly needle felted shape around finger, wet felted and then added needle felted alien head.

Title - Earth: hanging by a thread
Dimensions - 13cm diametre (5")
Materials & Techniques - Earth: 100% recycled felt & pre-felts (mix of merino, alpaca, mashum & silk) wet & needle-felted. Talons: Wet felted merino over wire.
Date Created - March 09 (took a week to dry!)
Artist - Judelicious Felts

Title - Mr. Alligator
Dimensions - 7 or so inches long
Materials & Techniques - Core wool covered with hand dyed green romney wool (washed & dyed by me) along with some NZ wool for the yellow on the tummy, the dark green back, Eyes, & mouth/teeth.
Date Created - August 3rd 2009
Artist - Amanda Lopez

Sycamore Moon Studios
The Mermaid Egg
March 2009
Wetfelting (mermaid and egg) and Needlefelting (base, seaweed, starfish)
Corriedale, Cotswold, Merino and Mohair
Base: 7"x2.5"x3" Mermaid 3"
Created by Theresa Whitt Whitmore at Sycamore Moon Studios

Title: Spring is Coming pillow
Dimensions: 12" x 12"
Techniques: Wet felted with corriedale and needle felted flowers with merino.
Date: 3/22/09
Artisit: Shannon Phifer

Title: Two Mini Scarves - or -
(Subtitle) "It's Not Easy, Being Green"
Dimensions: 2.5" x 18" each
Techniques & Materials Used: Wet (nuno) felted wool over silk chiffon
Date Created: Feb. 2009
Artists Name: Marilyn Jensen

Pam de Groot
Title - Leaf hat
Dimensions - Hat sized
Techniques & Materials Used - Wet felted over a resist. Merino wool
Date Created - 29th march 09
Artists Name - Pam de Groot

Title: Spring Vessel
Dimensions: 8" h x 3 1/2 " w
Techniques & Materials Used: Wet felted merino wool, silk throwster's waste and dyed Border Leicester locks around a resist
Date Created: March 29, 2009
Artist's Name: Beth Pierson

Title: Sping in Bloom
Dimensions: 35mm high, 21 mm wide, 10mm deep
Techniques & Materials Used: Needlefelted from Merino and Targhee wool
Date Created: 03/30/2009
Mary Beth Callaghan

Title / Green Man
Dimensions 14''x 14''
Techniques & Materials Used / 100% needle felted wool
Date Created / March 2009
Artist / Rain Hays

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


More stunning arrivals. Thankyou so much Pat and Christine your all amazing

FJ Holden Tapestry made by my Dad and donated to us for our fundraiser, Thanks Dad its awesome.

More Stunning arrivals

Thankyou so much Beth, Cara & Melissa from MI USA , i love all your work and your help is so very much appreciated

Thankyou so much Ron from Melbourne AU, your Oil Paintings are stunning and a very generous donation.

Wow thankyou so much Sarah, Ruth and Felicity for you very generous donations, your help and support is so much appreciated.

Like everyday lately this is an OMG WOW day, Thankyou so much, Sara, Els and Kathy, truly amazing Art Work and extremely generous Donation. I'm Speachless.
Detailed information will be on my blog at

Thankyou so much, Heike, Amanda and Evelyn for your Stunning Art Work, This is all so Beautiful i know our Sale is going to be Fantastic

Todays Arrivals, Thankyou so much, Melissa, Susanna, Libby, Val and Zed again.
Your all so generous, this puts our tally in the 70's so that is Fantastic.

Some of the amazing Art Work being donated for our Fundraiser. All so stunningly Beautiful

Thankyou so much for your very kind and generous donation, Pam, Kay, Zed & Cytel

Thankyou so much Marilou

Thankyou so much, Deb, Nancy & Donna

Thankyou so much Inger

Thankyou so much Wendy

More Amazing Donations, Thankyou so much, Gunilla, Tess and Corky, We really appreciate your help and support. These are truly amazing.

I am in absolute Awe of everyone's work, being able to see it up close and personal is making me ooooooo and rrrrrrrrrr so much. Your all so generous and i appreciate this so much

Thankyou, there are more pictures of individual works on my blog to try to keep everyone updated as much as possible. And i will add groups of photo's here as they come in.

Thankyou again.