Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March Challenge is Going Green

This months challenge is all about Green

Title Scaly dragon wrapDimensions 150 cm x 60 cm
Techniques & Materials Used superfine merino, wetfelted

Date Created 02-03-2009

Title Leaves
Dimensions 20-25 in length 10-15 cms in width
Techniques & Materials Used Finn wool and raw linen fibres needlefelted with preyarn detail. Whole leaf then wet felted for durability.Date Created February 2009

Title: Leprechaun
Size: 5 inches
Materials:pipe cleaner armature, felt body and clothes,polymer clay pipe,hatband,belt,buckles,pot and gold
Date Created: March 2, 2009
Artist: Jean Melton

Title: Bookworm
Dimensions: 5" X 2 1/2"
Techniques & Materials: needle felt, dyed corriedale over wool batt base
Date Created: 2-28-09
Artists name: Amy

Title: Butterfly brocheSize:
4''x4''Material: green merino and one green silk hankie
Done: on march the second
Technique: wet and needle fetling the beads were glued

Title: Green
Dimensions: 7.5x8.5"
Techniques & Materials Used: Merino 23's, top layer was wispy swirls, wet felted
Date Completed: 5th March 09

Here's my 'Olive green Golden~throated Song Bird'
Size: 8" tip of beak to tail
Materials: mixed wool roving, glass bead eye, wire armature
Date: March 2009

Title :LandscapesDimensions: each measures approx 5 x 7 inches.Techniques and materials used: completely Wet felted , with Merino, yarn, silk thread together with my own mixed breed wool and Mohair that I have dyed.Date completed: 6th March 09

Title:The Beauty of Spring
Dimensions: 25" strand, widest point: 2&1/8"
Techniques & Materials: needle felted and wet felted Green Merino roving, regular seed beads, 15/0 seed beads, fossil beads, wooden beads, thread, findings
Finished: 3-11-09

Val W
Title: Exploring GreenDimensions: Nose to Toes 5"Technical and Material: needle felted, thread joined, C1, merino and onyxDate: March 09

Title: Spring Dragonfly
Dimensions: 7 x 12 cm
Techniques & Materials used: Needle felted, Islandic unspun wool for the body, Merino for the wings
Date Created: 3/7/09
Name: North22snow

Title - Pod People
Dimensions - 4.5" x 1.5"
Techniques & Materials Used - Needle felted
Date Created - 11/08
Artists Name - Debra Meister

Ok, here is mine! It's a wall hanging, It's made with merino and tencel.
Title - "Little Forest"
Dimensions - 56cm x 41 cm
Techniques & Materials Used - Needle felted + wet felted
Date Created - 25/01/09
Artists Name - Mariana Ciliberto

Title - Irish Rose
Dimensions - 3" x 10"
Techniques & Materials Used - Needle felted - the stem is over wire
Date Created - 03/09
Artists Name - Debra Meister

Title: Legs
Dimensions: Unsure, about 6" for body
Techniqus & Materials used: needle felted-Corriedale wool, fiberfill and pipe cleaner
Date created- Finished Friday the 13, at about 3 am
Artist name: Gemini Stedl

Title: Spring is in the air!
Dimensions : 165cm x 45 cm = 64.96 inch x 17.72 inch
Techniques & Materials Used : Nunofelting, chiffon silk with merino wool
Date Created: 28th of February 2009
Artists Name : Kim Nijsten

Dimensions : 4 inches plush the tail
Techniques & Materials Used : needle felted domestic 56 wool hand dyed
Date Created: March 2009
Artists Name : Ann McElroy

Dimensions : 30cm X 30cm
Techniques & Materials Used : 16 micron hand dyed merino
Date Created: March 2009
Artists Name : IngerMaaike

Title Lazy Frog
Dimensions : 18cm X 18cm
Techniques & Materials Used : Needle felting/merino
Date Created: November 2008
Artists Name Emma Broughton

This little fella was a bit fiddly as he's only 6cm tall. Its a "Man-Hating Cactus" brooch with plexiglass, green merino wool - wet felted, natural pink freshwater pearl, copper, patina, brass micro-screws and brass eyelets.

Title - Look after your planet - eco dryer balls
Dimensions - unsure, approx 9" circumference each (I don't have them anymore!)
Techniques & Materials Used - Wet felted fibres, mainly merino, needle felted merino detail.
Date Created - Feb/09
Artists Name - Shadow Gilboa-Way

Hello not if I can take part, but it(he,she) does a lot of illusion to me name basket measure 24 x 7, material wool, technology(skill) wetted, created in March of 2009por maryluy

Dimensions: flower 7" - face 2 1/2"
Techniques & Materials Used: Core Wool - C1 Batt - Merino Roving
Artist: Patti McAleenan
Date Created: March 16, 2009

Pit Bull Lady Designs
Lightly needle felted shape around finger, wet felted and then added needle felted alien head.

Title - Earth: hanging by a thread
Dimensions - 13cm diametre (5")
Materials & Techniques - Earth: 100% recycled felt & pre-felts (mix of merino, alpaca, mashum & silk) wet & needle-felted. Talons: Wet felted merino over wire.
Date Created - March 09 (took a week to dry!)
Artist - Judelicious Felts

Title - Mr. Alligator
Dimensions - 7 or so inches long
Materials & Techniques - Core wool covered with hand dyed green romney wool (washed & dyed by me) along with some NZ wool for the yellow on the tummy, the dark green back, Eyes, & mouth/teeth.
Date Created - August 3rd 2009
Artist - Amanda Lopez

Sycamore Moon Studios
The Mermaid Egg
March 2009
Wetfelting (mermaid and egg) and Needlefelting (base, seaweed, starfish)
Corriedale, Cotswold, Merino and Mohair
Base: 7"x2.5"x3" Mermaid 3"
Created by Theresa Whitt Whitmore at Sycamore Moon Studios

Title: Spring is Coming pillow
Dimensions: 12" x 12"
Techniques: Wet felted with corriedale and needle felted flowers with merino.
Date: 3/22/09
Artisit: Shannon Phifer

Title: Two Mini Scarves - or -
(Subtitle) "It's Not Easy, Being Green"
Dimensions: 2.5" x 18" each
Techniques & Materials Used: Wet (nuno) felted wool over silk chiffon
Date Created: Feb. 2009
Artists Name: Marilyn Jensen

Pam de Groot
Title - Leaf hat
Dimensions - Hat sized
Techniques & Materials Used - Wet felted over a resist. Merino wool
Date Created - 29th march 09
Artists Name - Pam de Groot

Title: Spring Vessel
Dimensions: 8" h x 3 1/2 " w
Techniques & Materials Used: Wet felted merino wool, silk throwster's waste and dyed Border Leicester locks around a resist
Date Created: March 29, 2009
Artist's Name: Beth Pierson

Title: Sping in Bloom
Dimensions: 35mm high, 21 mm wide, 10mm deep
Techniques & Materials Used: Needlefelted from Merino and Targhee wool
Date Created: 03/30/2009
Mary Beth Callaghan

Title / Green Man
Dimensions 14''x 14''
Techniques & Materials Used / 100% needle felted wool
Date Created / March 2009
Artist / Rain Hays

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