Sunday, June 14, 2009


This month Challenge is using Natural Undyed Fibre
Our favorite fiber animals give us a lovely variety of natural colored wool to use for this challenge.

spiral purse
11" by 8.5"
compleately 100% needle felted- yes, that was before I learned how to wet felt. the Black is Border Leicester (Jenny, Jen-Jen) and the white is Romney yarn from some sheep (Anastasia &Princess) that I sold a while back. It was my very 1st yarn.
october '08

I am so excited about this month's challenge! I have been working on a project for the Black Sheep Gathering and it fits perfectly. I raise Jacob sheep and made a jacket using one of their fleeces. The fleece came from Symphony and I love the brown tones in her fleece. I sheared, washed, carded, wet felted, sewed, and dry felted.
Shannon Phifer
June 2009

Title: Winter Vase (yep it's winter here!)
Dimensions: Approx 38cm tall, 17cm diametre
Technique & materials used: Wet felted natural falkland, border leicester x, lambswool and both carded and natural mohair locks.
Date created: June 8th 2009
Artist: Judelicious Felts

title: "Nature's Bounty"
Dimensions: 13 1/2 x 7 inches
Techniques and materials used:. Wet felted with home grown sheep's wool and Mohair locks from Doris one of my Angora goats. The dark brown is Alpaca which was a gift from Inger from the last swap we did. Part way through the felting process I tied some pebbles and marbles in to acheive the bobble look, once felted I removed them and ended up with this result.
date created; 12. 6. 09
Artist: Tess.

Title: Pintupi
Dimensions: 11 x 10.5 inches
Techniques & Materials Used: Wet felted white merino base, needlefelted top with 38 different animal fibres (thanks to Amajoy and Cytel for fibre swaps and Kaza for some gorgeous handwashed and carded batts )
Date Completed: 14th June 2009
Artists Name:Zed

Title: Shibori Mask
Dimensions: 7"x10.5"
Techniques & Materials Used: Needle felting, wet felting with shibori sewn technique, Icelandic fleece
Date Completed: June 16, 2009
Artist's Name: Ruth

Felty felt
Title: Two for the price of one!
Dimensions: 33 cm long by 30cm wide narrowing to 27cm a the top
Techniques & Materials Used: Wet felted around template. felt rope for handle and needlefelted pattern. Icelandic wool - white inside, two greys mixed for the main colour and the black on the pattern is icelandic. The rest of the pattern is brown Wensleydale.
Date Created: finished needlefelting pattern on 18th June
Artists Name: Debs

Name: curtain
Fiber: Massum wool (about a 12 inch staple length)
technique: wet felted(3 layers)
dimensions 83x138 cm(32x54inches)
Made: June 09
Artist:Ann McElroy

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