Friday, April 3, 2009

April challenge is Felting with Nature

Felt with Nature

Combine your felting with a gift from Mother Nature. Earth Day is April 22nd!

Val W
Title: Nature Girl
Dimensions: 10" Tall
Techniques and Materials Used: Needle felted and wet felted with lots of different wools, colors, found objects and beads
Date created: March 2009

Title: "Natural highlight"
Dimensions: 15 cm high 12cm weidth
Techniques : Wet felting
Materials Used: White Gotland wool, seed of the Lunaria annua and it's lovelyshiny leaves
Date created: November 2008
Made By: Kim Nijsten
Title: "Natural highlight"
Dimensions: 15 cm high 12cm weidth
Techniques : Wet felting
Materials Used: White Gotland wool, seed of the Lunaria annua and it's lovelyshiny leaves
Date created: November 2008
Made By: Kim Nijsten

Title: Strandline
Dimensions: 7 x 10.5 inches
Techniques & Materials Used: Wet felted alpaca base, alpaca needlefelted top, glass and pottery glued to handmade yarn, lightly needlfelted in place and the yarn hidden with more alpaca, shells attached with 'invisible' nylon thread
Date Completed: 4th April 2009

Title: Spring
Dimensions:13 x 7.5 inches
Techniques & Materials Used: Repurposed wool scarf. Tree needle felted. Only white dried flower is glued, the rest is felted down or tied.
Date Completed: 4th April 2009
Artists Name: Fee

Felty felt
Title: Flotsam and Jetsam
Dimensions: 52cm (at widest point) x 32cm
Techniques & Materials Used: wet felt Merino, silks, driftwood (from Laxey Beach) pebbles (also from Laxey Beach, I know you're not meant to take them but I'm sure 2 won't hurt ) coral beach (from Coral Beaches Isle of Skye) onion net (wouldn't it be lovely if we never found anything like that on any beaches), sea anemone (only joking, that's felt)
Date Created: fibres layed out 2nd April, felted 5th April (distracted by nature - had some serious gardening to do in between)

This is my Anemone ring. Its wet felted around a Faux Bone and sterling silver base. On the base 'bulb' of felt I added a coat of UV resin and natural rough diamonds. An airplant sits within the tentacles.

Title: Nocturn...depicts two opposums, a groundhog in his burrow, a robins nest... all nestled in a walnut tree.
Diminsions: About 6 inches tall by 5 inches wide at base
Materials and etc.:Wet felted merino/corriedale blend for the base then various wools needle felted into the tree and critters. The birds nest has some bamboo fuzz (our term for the smooth, fibrous stuff my son picks out of bamboo canes) in it. The opoosums have a small amount of our dogs fur in the wool to make it a bit scraggly.

Title: Natural In Nature
Dimensions: She is 7½" tall
Technique: Needle felted wool amongst some fern
Date: April 12 '09
Artist: Jean Melton

Title: Robins nest
Dimensions: nest is about 6 inch's across
Technique: Needle felted wool
Date: April 13 2009
Artist: Laura Cole

Title: Natural weapon
Dimensions: Approx.9" long
Technique: Pre yarn wet felted around a stick.
Date: April 2nd 2009
Artist: Amanda Heikkinen

Title: By the Seashore
started with polyfil quilt batting (thin) cut to app. 5 X 7 which is now about 5 X 8".
covered with various wools that I don't remember the particular kind to represent water and sand. I incorporated two small pieces of 'driftwood' then did an abstract sculpture in the middle of the 2 pieces of driftwood. all needle felted. Not sure if I'll keep it to display my tiny things like the mini whinnie horses
tallest point is about 2 & 1/2 inches
completed on 4-13-2009
by Coralee 'Corky' Stowers

Fix Design
Title Dreaming of summertime
Dimensions various (1 inch - 2 1/2 inches not including stems)
Techniques & Materials Used felt
Date Created 17th April 09
Artists Name Meredith from Fix design

Title; The Birdies.
Dimensions: Approx 8 inches across.
technique and materials used.
Ribbon for hanging. Wisteria vine from the garden was twisted into wreath shape, wet felted square of various fibres, drew a bird shape and cut out a pattern, embelished with various beads for eyes and accents chosen by Sophie. The nest was wet felted with mixed breed wool by Sophie and she rolled the Mauve merino wool eggs in her little hands till they were egg shaped, I then stitched them into the nest and then onto the wreath as well as the birds.
Date; finished on 18th April 09.
Artist, Tess and Sophie Jean.

Title : Wood Elf
14 In tall
Needle felted with my 1st attempt at wet felting for her outfit, I dyed her hair with koolaid and food coloring from some yellowed curly locks
Created April 2009

Title Birch Grove
Dimensions 16" x 19"
Techniques & Materials Used Machine and Hand Needle Felting, Background - wool sweater; fibers - Romney, Dorset, Babydoll Sheep, Icelandic, Alpaca/Merino Blend, Angora Rabbit
Date Created April 16, 2009
Artists Name (forum username or real name) Ruth Lane

Title: 'Restoration'
Dimensions: 17cm (diametre) x 13cm (height)
Materials & techniques used: Wet felted alpaca, merino and angelina fibres encasing a natural sea sponge. The beauty of creating a vessel out of this gift of nature is that the felt enables the sponge to stand inverted when it otherwise wouldn't.
Date created: Earth Day, 22nd April 2009
Artist: Judelicious Felts

Title: Mermaid
Dimensions: 7 inches high
Techniques & Materials Used: Needle felted Alpaca (from MrsG2003), wool, & Angelina fiber over wire armature; a sea rock, sea shells, hand carved wooden sea turtle, wooden base.
Date Created: April 2009
Artists Name: Marilyn Jensen