Thursday, October 22, 2009

October Challenge

October Challenge is anything from the sky above to the ocean's below.

Garden of Flowers
All needle felted using Corriedale, merino, gotland, viscose nepps and my spindle spun coil yarn.
Measures approx 10inch by 6inch,

Title: Fishies
Dimension: 6" x 10"
Date completed: Spring 2009
Techniques: Needle felted
Materials: alpaca fleece (of course)

Title: Splashy IV award
Dimension: 8" x 5" approximately (I forgot to measure but it's a cigar box)
Date completed: Spring 2009
Techniques: Needle felted, collage
Materials: wool roving, paper, pearls, seashells, pewter face, etc.


Here's mine:
Title: Sea and Sunset
Dimension: 9.5" x 18"
Date completed: 17th October 2009
Techniques: textured felt-sewn into netting and felted in the washing machine
Materials: merino, wensleydale, Bluefaced Leicester, organza, silk scarf, silk hankies, carded icelandic, lambswool, English 56s
Artist: zed

Title: Ingers Homespun.
Materials: homespun wool, Merino fibre, wool neps glass beads, and plaited homespun for the strap.
Techniques used. slightly needlefelted homespun into shapes and laid it all out for wet felting. Some free motion machine embroidery, embelished with glass beads.
dimensions , 6 x 5 1/2.
Artist: Tess
Dated completed: October 09.

''Ovo'' is the name
18'' (45cm) in height
Completed in early spring 2009
Needle and wet felting are the techniques
merino and silk are the material

Backing is premade wool felt. Design is needle felted.
merino roving and other wool roving (not sure what kind)
size is around 11" by 11"
Sea Dragon

Size is a little bigger than 6" square.
Gail x

Title: Surf's Up
Dimensions: 11" x 16"
Techniques & Materials Used: Needle felted on Janome needle felting machine; Recycled Fulled Sweater, merino, cheesecloth (scrim), silk, leicester locks, Cotswold cross, mixed breed wool, mohair locks.
Date Created: October 18th

fish baby rattle

Title: Jellyfish
Dimensions: 31 x 83 cms
Techniques & Materials Used: Background - Finn wool, merino and silk. Jelly fish - needle felted body to prefelt stage - then wet felted with hand spun yarn, shop yarn, soya, silk hanky, wool knops for detail.
Date Created: October 21st 2009

Title: Great Barrier Reef
Dimensions: 37x37 cms approx
Techniques & Materials Used: Wet felted overlocking off-cuts (cotton/polyester ribbing) in merino
Date Created: October 16th 2009

Title: Bay of Islands, Gt Ocean Rd, Vic
Dimensions: Mmm, I don't recall. About 40x70cm
Techniques & Materials Used: Wet felted merino and silk embellished with an assortment of buttons and beads
Artist: Jude

Title: Sparkly Fish
Dimensions: 5.5 inches x 7 inches
Techniques & material: backing is merino prefelt that I dyed pink, everything else is romney with some added bling of hot fix "jewels"
Date created: Needle felted in May, jewels added October 28, 2009
Artist: Pat Moore

Title: Under the sea
Dimensions: 28 x 34 cm
Techniques & Materials Used: Wetfelting ( Merinowook and Merinolocks, pieces of taffeta fabric was feltet in
Date Created: October 30th

Title: Ginger's adventures
Dimensions: 19x11 inches
Techniques & Materials Used: wet felted Merione and Corriedale
Date Created: October 30th

Title: flower sculpture
Dimensions: 11x10x6.5
Technique: wet felted and needle felt to attach the middle bits.
Fiber: medium domestic sheep's wool and silk
Date created spring 09(I it fall already?)
Artist: Ann