Saturday, May 22, 2010

May Challenge

May - Sculpture - Felt a sculpture - this could be almost anything as long as it is in a sculptural format i.e. 3 dimensional.

Title; "Normie Knobs"
dimensions; 5 inches
technique and materials used, needlefelted using merino and spun wool.
Date; 2009.
artist: Tess

Title Bald eagle
Dimensions Approx 15 x15 cms
Techniques & Materials Used - Finn wool, locks of unknown origin plus a few teeswater locks. Needle felted
Date Created 02 05 2010
Artists Name Amanda Heikkinen


'Pimp my Toaster'
West Pier
May 2009
approx 18cm x 12cm
Merino wool - wet felted

This is a pic of Li'l Benny, my son when he was about 3yrs old,

Felted World
Title - Richie
Dimensions - 12" Tall
Techniques & Materials Used - Needle felted wool over a wire armature
Date Created - May 2010
By - Robert Egbert

Title: Felt head
Dimensions: 6.5 inches tall
Techniques & Materials Used: Needle felted, carded lambswool and English 56s
Date Completed: 28th May 2010
Artists Name: zed

Title: The cat lady
Dimensions 15 inches
Techniques & Materials Used needle and wet felting of merino
Date Created spring 2010

Title: Cecily, Serpent of the Sherbet Sea
Needle and wet felt combo
NZ Corriedale, Merino, small bit of wire in tail
Completed: May 28, 2010