Monday, July 26, 2010

July challenge - Feelings

Title Here comes the bride
Dimensions about 12''
Techniques & Materials Used wet and needle felting, merino
Date Created june 2010

Techniques and materials: All beads and the cross were needle felted, with Norwegian C-1 batt. The thin cord wrapped around the cross was wet felted. It is all strung together with silk beading thread. It also includes gold tone beads and one gold filled St. Francis medal.
completed on June 15th, 2010
Created by jjb

June Challenge- Felt an Abstract

Title: Welted Waves
Dimensions: 19" x 16"
Techniques & Materials Used: Merino, falkland, silk carrier rods, wool neps, silk, wool yarn
Date Created: February, 2010
Artists Name: Pat Moore (patdixie)

Lorna Rankin

Title: "Fire under the Snow"
Dimensions: 13.5 inches by 18"
Fibres: Dark Romney, Targhee/Rambouillet, Finn, Angelina, silk, and other local wool from mixed breed sheep
Wet felting, with needle felting for details.
Completed June 2010.
Inspired by volcano eruption in Iceland.....

Title: Hot Topography
Dimensions: 11" diameter
Techniques & Materials Used: mixxed breed wool, merino, Wensleydale locks, various embroidery threads; wet felted, hand embroidered
Date Created: May 2010
Artists Name: Ruth Lane

Title: Floor mat
Dimensions: 2m x 1.5 at start. 1.5m x1.4m at end
Techniques & Materials Used: Prefelt core, Needlefelted finn wool mix, prefelted rectangles of assorted green wool!
Date Created:June 2010
Artists Name:Amanda Heikkinen

Here is my entry for this months challenge.
title: "Moroccan Fantasy"
Dimensions: 12 x 9 inches.
Techniques and Materials used: Merino fibre, hand dyed Mohair locks, hand dyed Silk carrier rods, hand dyed cotton scrim. Wet felted and machine embroidered.
Date: 20th June 2010.
Artist: Tess.

The Green
68cm x 74cm
Wet and needle felted
Merino 64 wool and bamboo
March 2010

Title: Untitled
Dimensions: Approx 30 x 40 cm
Technique & materials: Wet felted merino wool with silk hankies and trapped threads. Felted in one large piece, then cut into sections and felted further. Embellished with buttonhole stitch, beads, thread covered washers and kumihimo braids. Inspired by the colours of the sunset at sea.
Date created: Completed June 2010